Crown Sporting Goods White Regulation Size Lacrosse Balls in Mesh Storage Bag (Set of 6)




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Lacrosse balls are one of the more quiet multi-taskers in the world of sports. Sure, these six white balls are ideal training partners for thousands of LAX players the world over-regulation size and weight, hard and durable vulcanized rubber, they even come in a handy mesh storage bag. But many athletes, cross fitters and massage therapists (and dog lovers?) have discovered dozens of other applications.

The solid, vulcanized rubber that makes these balls perfect for outdoor lacrosse practice also makes them perfect massage tools. The superior hardness allows for quick relief when performing myofascial release, or simply rolling them against tight muscle knots and vital trigger points. The vulcanized rubber also makes these balls virtually indestructible, even in the jaws of the biggest dogs who have destroyed even the hardiest of toys.

Whatever your purpose: practice, therapy, or fetch, these lacrosse balls will be up for the challenge.

.Six 2.5″ regulation size white lacrosse balls
Solid, vulcanized rubber; Excellent hardness rating for outdoor practice
Includes a handy, reusable mesh bag for carrying and storage
Also excellent for massage therapy; Hard rubber works wonders for trigger points, muscle knots and myofascal release in athletes and active bodies
Tired of your big dog destroying tennis balls? Compare these to other rubber dog toys, but at a fraction of the cost