ErgaLogik Compact Solar Camping Lantern with USB PowerBank Great for Camping, Hiking & Trekking – Best Camping Lantern – Best Solar Lantern – Best Emergency Light




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This is the original compact solar camping lantern by ErgaLogik. Buy with confidence.

Travel Farther Lighter

This compact solar lantern has been designed by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. The efficient solar design is ideal for hikers, trekkers and mountain enthusiasts who understand the importance that weight and efficiency play on long expeditions.

It’s Really Small

This is by far the most compact solar lantern on the market. While other solar lanterns must be packed away while on the trail, simply attach this little unit to a carabiner, hook it onto your backpack, and trek freely in the knowledge that this lantern will soak up the sun all day long.

Cut the Cord

Travel free in the knowledge that you will never spend a night in the dark. Illuminate your campsite or trail without the need for destructive disposable batteries. Whether it’s a weekend on the trail or a month in the Alps, you’ll never need to worry about battery life again.

Technical Parameters

The Max. Luminous Flux of high-brightness as camping lantern ≥ 63Lm

The Max. Luminous Flux of low-brightness as camping lantern ≥ 25Lm

High-brightness lighting time after 1 hour charging under sunlight ≥ 15Min

Low-brightness lighting time after 1 hour charging under sunlight ≥ 30Min

LEDs flashing time after 1 hour charging under sunlight ≥ 35Min

Full charge time by external power adapter – 4-6 Hr

High-brightness lighting time after being charged fully ≥ 5Hr

Low -brightness lighting time after being charged fully ≥ 10Hr10 HOUR BATTERY LIFE: Provides over 10 hours of LED light on a single charge
3 LIGHTING MODES: Three lighting modes including high (65Lm), low (25Lm) and SOS.
POWERBANK: USB outlet allows the lantern to power any USB device. Large 800mAh/3.7V Lithium battery
CHARGING OPTIONS: Can be charged via solar or USB
COMPACT: Small enough to fit in your pocket or hang on your backpack