Exploding Golf Ball Four Pack




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The Exploding Golf Ball Four Pack is exactly four times as funny as the regular Exploding Golf Ball, and that’s wicked funny!

These realistic looking golf balls explode into a giant cloud of powder when hit, so the next time you want to really add a bang to your golf game bring along a four pack of these!

A great golf gag and a great golf gift gift!

The Exploding Golf Balls lend themselves to endless joke situations. Try it. Bet your partner that he can’t repeat that great long iron shot…drop the exploding golf ball on the fairway and stand back for the biggest laugh ever!Includes Four Exploding Golf Balls
Explodes Into A Cloud Of White Dust on Impact
Exploding Golf Balls are Realistic and Appear Genuine
Funniest Golf Gag Ever Invented
Ages 8 and Up