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Made by the leader in sports equipment storage, StoreYourBoard, this is the perfect Hockey Stick Rack. This rack can hold up to 15 hockey sticks. Use this rack to neatly organize your garage or house. Also, makes a great rack for the local rink. The rack is designed with two separate rack sides that can be mounted at any distance apart so it can accommodate any length or lengths or sticks. This rack will work with field hockey sticks, LAX (lacrosse) sticks, and many others. Not only can you store many types of sticks but also skateboards, snowboards, skis, long handled tools, garden tools, and many others. What’s in the Box: 2 Rack Sides, 4 Mounting Screws, 4 Drywall Anchors Instructions.Durable Hockey Stick Rack
Holds up to 15 Hockey Sticks
Skates can Hang from Rack as well
Great way to Organize Your House and Garage
Multipurpose Rack – Store LAX Sticks, Skateboards, Snowboards, Skis, Etc