LAXe Handle – Lacrosse Stick End Cap for Shaft




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LAXe Handle, a unique Lacrosse shaft knob was engineered to allow for hand recognition of the Lacrosse stick head’s orientation. This premium product is priced higher than most end knobs because it is designed to improve your stick skill rather than just covering the bottom of your Lacrosse shaft. Because the basket orientation of the Lacrosse stick is so important in making accurate throws, the LAXe handle is designed to reinforce the player’s feeling for where the throw will go. THE LAXe Handle is made of high grade silicone for comfort and durability. Its unique design also acts as fulcrum for your lower hand when shooting or passing the ball. LAXe Handle has a cool and functional design that comes in 4 colors. Enjoy this one of a kind end knob that will improve your stick skills now!The design allows for better accuracy for passing and shooting
Gives the player constant feedback of the direction of the stick head
Designed to fit all Lacrosse shafts and has a tapered upper section for grip tape to secure to
Unique design acts as fulcrum for the grip hand when throwing the ball