LED Lantern, TaoTronics Camping Lantern for Camping Fishing Hiking Emergency (60LM, 30 LEDs)




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TaoTronics battery powered Led Camping Lantern is Collapsible, Super Bright, LightWeight, Water Resistant, Safe in hardly no heat.

The Camping Lights are Suitable for Outdoor Sports such as Hiking, Camping, Fishing etc, This LED lantern can also be a perfect emergency light in case of a blackout like Emergencies, Storms, Hurricanes, Outages.

Unlike traditional unwieldy camping lanterns that need a power button or switch to turn on, this minimalist Camping Gear with an expand-and-contract design will light up once expanded. No more fumbling for the power button or trying to light up a match in darkness.

This portable Led Camping Light is weighing 8.9 oz and standing at 5 inches tall, it occupies just the space of a folded T-shirt. You can hang the Collapsible Lantern on a tree or tent while camping, hold it on your way through the darkness of your house during a storm, or on your way to explore the wild.

This Lantern Flashlight is with 3 x AA batteries, you’ll have up to 20+ hours of light whenever you need it. Using an energy-saving and durable LED light source, this outdoor light will accompany you for the next 10 years.

Must-have Camping Gear: 30 super bright Leds, enough light to read and lights up your the whole tent, or a significant amount of campground, Great as an emergency light for power outages in the house 28 ft by 25 ft.
Collapsible Flashlight: Fantastic compact lightweight and more perfect than old bulky lantern. The size of a can of coke/beer when it’s shut. Sturdy ,handy and portable, could easily be carried backpacking
Easy to use: NO buttons, just slides upward to turn on and down to turn off. Brightness adjustable by how much of the LED bar you expose.
Military Grade Water Resistant Plastic can stood all kinds of weather; Super Long Battery Life and is compatible with rechargeable batteries. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
TaoTronics LED CAMPING LIGHT is Versatile: Built-in handle allows for hanging inside a tent or from a tree branch. Clip it to a line for hands-free use, or just put it on the table.