Park & Sun Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net




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The Park and Sun sports TS-CL spectrum classic volleyball net offers great performance and is a snap for quick setup and portability. This professional-level volleyball net system features two-inch, two-piece telescopic aircraft aluminum poles with push-button locking systems for three easy height adjustments (for men’s, women’s, and coed play). This system also features a 3-Feet by 32-Feet slip-on net designed for maximum “ball-out-of-net-play”. It also feature a 0.3125-Inch guy line system with handles and 12-Inch steel ground stakes. This system also includes a pre-measured boundary with corner anchors, a boundary cord winder, and an equipment bag for easy storage and transport. The spectrum includes telescoping aluminum poles, sleeve net clips, guy lines, ground stakes, boundary cord and winder, and an equipment bag. Key features two 2-piece telescopic, push button, aluminum poles, three height adjustments 8-Feet for men’s play, 7-Feet and 8-Inch for co-ed play, 7-Feet and 4-Inch to 1-Feet and 8-Inch for women’s play. 3 x 32-Feet professional sleeve net clips. Pull-down guy line set with handles. 12-Inch steel ground stakes with stake bag. Pre-measured boundary with corner anchors. Boundary cord winder. Equipment bag.Volleyball set features telescoping push-button aluminum poles
Three height adjustments for men’s, women’s, and coed play
Three-foot by 32-foot professional sleeve net
0.3125-inch pull-down guy line system with handles and 12-inch steel ground stakes
Pre-measured boundary with corner anchors and equipment bag