Resistance bands Kit – Best Heavy Workout for Legs and Knee – Connects to Your Door With A Door Anchor – Great Training for Pilates and Yoga Workouts – Awesome Exercises for Men and Women – No Hassle 1 Year Guarantee




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Flamant Resistance Band Set Wherever you are. at home, gym, or any exercise training class,

this resistance band is the best and the most valuable exercise to have in your exercise routine.

Each of the five resistance bands progresses is resistance from

light resistance (yellow) up to high resistance (black).

Beginners can use the light resistance bands for most workouts,

while more advanced users can target specific muscle groups

with different levels of resistance.

* The
Yellow Band is perfect for beginners or those wanting to tone their shoulders or legs without bulking up the muscles.

* The
Green Band adds a little more resistance and works great for beginner leg exercises as well as working the biceps and triceps.

* The
Red Band works perfectly for intermediate users and those trying to tone their legs, chest, and back.

To get even more intense you can pair the red band with a yellow or green band for added resistance,

and a muscle building workout.

* The
Blue Band takes you into the more advanced area of resistance band training.

The blue bands provide significantly more resistance than the yellow, green, or blue bands

and provide advanced users a great workout for all muscle groups.

If your goal is building muscle then pair the blue band with one of the lighter bands and feel the burn.

Black Band offers the most resistance and is used mostly for large muscle groups

such as the legs back and chest. Advanced users can build serious biceps

and triceps using the black band or pairing it with the blue band for maximum resistance.

Don’t put off toning up or building muscle any longer.

What are you waiting for?

Add the Flamant Resistance Band Set Into your cart today and get in the best shape of your life

100% Money Back GuaranteeThere are many different resistance bands available out there. And that’s great. Flamant Resistance bands kit are made with High-quality heavy rubber material. Strong and durable. These bands will not tear easily, as a tiny nick will only affect the outer layers, and they can also be stretched a lot more without losing their original length and tension. They are designed to take some serious everyday punishment, and they can do just that
Includes In the set there is 5 colors. Yellow (2-4 Pounds) Green (4-6 Pounds) Blue (10-12 Pounds) Black (15-20 Pounds) Red (25-30 Pounds) get creative by adding 2 colors together. This will be a great workout.
We know what you are looking for. Quality? We have you covered on that. Service? Sure. Ask us we are here to help you. Warranty? YES. When you buy the Flamant Resistance bands kit we are committed to our customers so if you are not satisfied we give you a #1 year money back guarantee. Price? Act now before price increase.
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