SE FS374 All-Weather Emergency 2-IN-1 Fire Starter & Magnesium Fuel Bar (Everything you need to start a fire!)




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Why waste time and energy with regular fire starters that require you to find kindling that may or may not catch a spark? Regular twigs and branches in their natural environments will not light unless they are extremely dry. With this reliable tool, you will always be ready to start a fire. Simply shave some magnesium into a pile and easily spark the shavings, even in wet or humid surroundings. The shavings will quickly spark into a flame so you can ignite larger pieces of wood.

Our fire starter comes complete with a solid, compact magnesium bar that can be used hundreds of times (as much magnesium is available). Waterproof, weatherproof, and built for long-lasting durability—this is an essential addition to your supplies for camping, hiking, trekking, boating, hunting, travel, survival and emergencies. As a bonus, we have included a mini compass to help supplement your navigation needs.

Features of this product include:
• Overall dimensions: 3” x ⅜” x 1”
• Solid magnesium body (silver color)
• Black flint striking rod
• Serrated metal striker
• Mini compass, size: 4.5mm x 20mm dia.
• Detachable silver ball chain
• Waterproof & weatherproof

How to use:
1) Gather tinder (dry branches, bark, grass, pine needles, lint, paper, etc.) of the preferred size/amount.
2) Use the serrated edge of the striker to scrape along the length of the magnesium rod to create shavings.
3) You can either sprinkle the magnesium shavings throughout the tinder pile, or scrape the shavings into a cluster to the minimum size of a U.S. quarter coin.
4) Then hold the flint at an angle over the pile, while forcefully sliding your striker along the length of the flint to create sparks.
5) Continue to slide the striker against the flint until the sparks land directly onto the shavings pile and ignite a flame.

Please note for first-time use:
For the best results, strip the protective layer of paint from the striker before starting your fire.

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Compact, convenient pocket size
3″ x 1″ Solid magnesium bar with flint
Single-sided serrated striker
Waterproof & weatherproof
Bonus items included: mini compass & detachable ball chain