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Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball

Spalding NBA Tack Soft Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

The Spalding NBA Tack Soft basketball offers superior grip and control with a specially designed composite leather cover and coating. Whether it’s game time on the hardwood courts, or outdoor practice on the pavement, the NBA Tack Soft basketball is designed with withstand a multitude of surfaces, providing a great grip no matter where you play.

Key Features:
  • Premium PU composite cover.
  • Official NBA size and weight.
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor play.
  • Extra grip and control – great for shooters.
Official NBA and WBNA size and weight

Official NBA Logo Featured On Ball
Premium PU Composite Cover

Spalding Tack Soft Basketball contains a cover material that has an enhanced coating specifically designed to provide a superior grip. This is a great feature for taking shots and making fast plays, where control of the ball is critical.

Official NBA size and weight

The Official size of the NBA is the 29.5″ basketball, also known as the Official Size. The intermediate size, 28.5″ is the official size of the WNBA league. Both sizes of the NBA Tack Soft basketball adhere to the size and weight dimensions – so you’ll have a true professional level playing experience.

Ideal for ball handlers and shooters
Designed for competitive indoor and outdoor play
Offered in two sizes