Stability Ball – Premium Fitness Ball for Exercise, Weight Loss, Core Strength, CrossFit – Top Rated Yoga Ball & Pilates Ball — By SmarterLife Products®




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Increase Your Fitness Level Now

– Buy the SmarterLife Exercise Ball and begin to lose weight, get fit

– Strengthen your core, improve balance, target key muscle groups – abdominals, thighs, arms, and back

– Perfect for during and after pregnancy

Can Be Used by All

– Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, Swiss Exercise programs

– All fitness levels and ages – THE WHOLE FAMILY

– Using an exercise ball is low-impact, EASY and FUN

– Recommended by PT pros

Replace your desk chair

– Improve posture

– Engage abs, legs, and back muscles – Get fit while you work!

Eco Friendly

– Made from non-toxic, phthalates and latex free materials

– Safe for your family and the world

Made to Last

– Durable, anti-burst materials

– Rated up to 1100 lbs and FULLY GUARANTEED by our 100% money back return policy

What’s in the Box

– The SmarterLife Exercise Ball, hand pump, measuring tape, and 2 plugs

BONUS: Exclusive guide – Top 10 exercises you can do TODAY

We Are SmarterLife Products

– We’re a family owned, Colorado based company offering the very best eco-friendly fitness, health and lifestyle products for people who want to live smarter

– We started our company when we realized that it was hard to find purposefully made items that were good for us and good for the environment

– We hope you’ll give us a try

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– Order the Right Size: If your height is 4’7″ to 5’5″, order the 55 cm ball; If 5’6″ to 6’0″, order the 65 cm ball, and if 6’1″ to 6’8″, order the 75 cm ballThe essential element of an effective fitness & weight loss regimen – Tone your core, abs, gluts, hips
Choice of 3 sizes – Size ordering instructions are provided in the Product Description below for your reference!
Preferred fitness ball by top athletic trainers, physical & occupational therapy professionals & fitness enthusiasts
Made of eco-friendly, phthalates & latex free, non-toxic materials – Safe for you & the environment!
Durable & made to last – FULLY GUARANTEED & backed by our no questions asked, money back return policy