Tachikara Composite Volleyball – Sensi-Tec SV-5WSC, Colored Color: Royal/white/black




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The Tachikara Composite Volleyball – Sensi-Tec SV-5WSC, Colored is what you need if youre looking for high quality ball for practice, competition, or even for fun and casual games. This volleyball features the Sensi-Tec construction which provides superior softness and ensured durability while the 2- and 3-color combinations allow increased visibility. For amazing ball flight, it is constructed with the patented loose bladder for maximum air and shape retention as well as superb ball flight and control. Whats more, it is available in 52 different colors and comes with a 1 year limited warranty as well. So what are you waiting for? Enhance your skills and buy the Tachikara Composite Volleyball – Sensi-Tec SV-5WSC, Colored today!Tachikara Volleyball Features The Sensi-Tec Construction For Superior Softness And Durability While The 2- And 3-Color Combinations Allow Increased Visibility
Composite Volleyball Is Constructed With Tachikaras Patented Loose Bladder For Maximum Air And Shape Retention As Well As Superb Ball Flight And Control
Requires A Minimum Of 3 Balls
Enjoy 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Available In 52 Different Color Combinations: Royal/White, Red/Black/White, Red/White/Blue, Yellow/Black/White, Scarlet/White, Navy/White, DK Green/White, Cardinal/White, Black/White, Purple/White, Gold/White, Royal/White/Gold, Powder/White/Black, Orange/White, Orange/White/ Black, Purple/White/Gold, Cardinal/White/Gold, Cardinal/White/Gold, DK Green/White/Gold, Orange/White/Navy, DK Green/White/Silver, Royal/White/Silver, Navy/White/Silver, Black/White/Vintage Gold, Navy/White/Vintage Gold, Car