Tennis Ball Saver – Keep Tennis Balls Fresh And Bouncing Like New




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The Tennis Ball Saver is the original way to keep your tennis balls fresh and bouncy. The bane of tennis ball companies for over thirty years, the Tennis Ball Saver can keep three tennis balls bouncing like they were brand new. The reason tennis ball containers are pressurized is so that no air will affect the integrity of the balls inside. Tennis Ball Savers work under the same principle, and by keeping the balls at the correct pressure, will protect tennis balls from natural leakage that occurs. As long as the felt on the tennis ball stays in good condition, tennis balls will keep on bouncing true! Buy the Tennis Ball Saver – this simple investment will make all your future tennis balls remain bouncy in the future.The Original One – That Works!
Stores three tennis balls under pressure
New bounce for every match
Quality workmenship – made in USA
For maintaining good balls, not for rejuvination of dead balls