The Ultralight Camping Hammock – Includes Hanging Gear (Aluminum Wire Gate Carabiners & Nautical-Grade Rope)




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3 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hammock

I wouldn’t buy a hammock without these answers.

Question #1: Is it strong enough?

The biggest complaint I’ve heard when people buy other hammocks is that it broke and they ended up on the ground – sometimes painfully. One guy even broke his tailbone. Ouch!

The Ultralight Camping Hammock safely holds up to 400 pounds. It does so by using a strong 210 nylon fabric that’s tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The structural seams are triple-stitched. All the rope is 6mm thick and nautical-grade – yes, the same rope used on sailboats.

Question #2: Is it comfortable?

We use a breathable nylon body so that there is some give. That makes the body more durable and more comfortable.

However, we want the opposite for our ropes. Any stretch in the rope means the hammock will slowly sag lower and lower as the night goes on. You might end up on the ground in the middle of the night. Our ropes are all non-stretch polypropylene.

Your hammock also needs to be big enough for you. Ours is 9′ long and 4’7″ wide which is a good balance of size and weight. Most people up to 6 feet tall (and maybe a little over) will find it comfortable.

Question #3: Does it include hanging equipment?

Most hammocks don’t include anything you need for hanging the hammock. You get the hammock but you can’t use it! That’s craziness.

We include two sections of rope for hanging. Each is a generous 10 feet long, making it possible to hang your hammock even when the trees are far apart – even over 20 feet.

For faster, easier setup, consider getting The Ultralight Hammock Straps too.YOU WILL NOT FALL. Safely holds up to 400 pounds with premium carabiners and nautical-grade rope. The 210 nylon body has a gentle give with excellent tear and abrasion resistance.
HANGING GEAR INCLUDED. Everything you need to hang your hammock comes with it –┬áropes and carabiners. You don’t need to buy anything else.
NO ADJUSTMENTS NEEDED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. The 6mm polypropylene rope does not stretch. So you won’t find yourself sagging to the ground at 3 in the morning.
PACKS VERY SMALL. Weighs less than pound with lightweight components, like the aluminum wire gate carabiners. Built-in compression straps cinch it down to a tiny 6″ x 6″ x 4″ package, making it an excellent choice for backpacking.
WE GUARANTEE HAPPINESS. If you don’t love it, then it’s our fault, not yours. Return it for a full refund within 30 days. Your hammock is also warrantied against manufacturer defects for a year.