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Premium cover material provides softer feel. Structural layer provides extended durability and round shape retention. Hand sewn construction is stitched by hand for expert craftsmanship.
What does it take to be the Official Ball of the AVP?

It takes revolutionary technology and ground-breaking performance. This volleyball features a hand sewn, durable microfiber construction that’s a benchmark of outdoor players around the world. That’s why Kerri Walsh-Jennings chooses Wilson volleyballs to dominate every game. When true champions rule the sand, they do it with the Official Ball of the AVP. Looking to play with the best volleyball on the beach or grass that the pros play with? The Wilson AVP Game Ball has set the standard to which all others aspire to achieve on the sand. Utilizing hand-sewn construction technologies, the AVP Game Ball is constructed with the finest materials and exquisite craftsmanship to provide the highest level of superior beach performance.

  • Premium microfiber composite leather cover provides a softer feel
  • Structural layer extends the durability of the ball and helps the ball retain its round shape
  • Hand sewn construction for expert craftsmanship
  • Greater resistance to dirt and less moisture absorbency than leather
  • 18-panels
  • Made to the highest specifications and standards of the AVP
About Wilson

It’s the sweat and the hard work you give every day that makes you a champion. At Wilson we put in that same level of work to develop innovations for players everywhere. That’s why 3-time gold medalist Kerri Walsh-Jennings trusts Wilson to deliver the championship performance. But we don’t stop there. We’re always focused on working with the best teams and athletes to continually develop the top indoor and outdoor volleyball products. At Wilson, being a champion isn’t just a title, it’s our life.

Made to highest specifications and standards of the avp
Official game ball of the AVP
Premium microfiber composite leather cover
18-panel hand sewn contruction