Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball (3)




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Wilson is one of the fastest growing brands in the global sport of soccer and has quickly established itself as a true performance soccer brand in many international markets. Our tremendous growth in the sport of soccer comes from producing premium products that help deliver performance to athletes at all levels of play. Our international successes in soccer and our ability to produce quality performance soccer products have enabled Wilson to become the Official Soccer Ball of the NCAA Championships beginning with the 2009 NCAA Soccer Championships. Utilizing high performance materials and advanced lining technologies, Wilson has perfected the feel and control soccer players demand and precise shot making and accurate passing. Wilson’s finest craftsmanship delivers top-notch durability and has benefited players around the world. Wilson soccer will continue to deliver championship performance in all of their soccer products. Wilson is the Official Soccer Ball in 14 States across the Country. Wilson is also a major sponsor of 10 Latin American teams located in Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Venezuela to name a few.Synthetic leather cover extremely soft touch and increased durability
Butyl rubber bladder for excellent air and shape retention
Traditional panel graphics with silver accents